Free Optics Project

This page was created to distribute under a   creative commons license   a set of Matlab, Octave and Simulink scripts for photonics devices and optical communication systems simulations.

I would love to hear any questions or suggestions you have about the codes or the project, so if you have any, please send me an email to my address:

The scripts we have available for download enable fast-numerical simulation of, among other things :

●   Non-Linear propagation of scalar fields in isotropic fiber through the symmetrized Split-Step Fourier (SSF) method for the Non-Linear Schrödinger Equation (NLSE) and the generalized version (GNLSE) .
●   Non-Linear propagation in birefringence or randomly variable birefringence fibers (fibers with PMD), through a symmetrized SSF method for the Coupled Non-Linear Schrödinger Equation (C-NLSE) .


●   Static and Dynamic Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFAs) behavior.

Other scripts will be available soon.  

Visit the  Free Downloads   section for more information.


On a broader level, as a long-term vision for this project we were inspired by this article by Yochai Benkler and the video below.